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Description and Details

Normally We meet every week, several night per week, at 19.30 at the bar/pub in different area of London.


There everybody is assigned to a table with a number.

At each table will be a mix of English and Foreigners depending on the languages both want to practise.

Then we speak about an hour in English(if possible) and another one in another language (Spanish, Italian, German, French...).


The meeting usually last up to 11pm. We charge £2 for every participant who inscribe and is admitted to the meeting, £5 for who did not receive an inscription (£4 for students).


If you cancel with less than 8 hours in advance the meeting it's also £1 and if you don´t cancel it´s £3.

It is a symbolic amount to help us developing London Conversation Exchange and run with the costs.


:: Inscription ::

If you want to participate, it is necessary to click here to receive the invitation online or you can also send us an email to with your personal information (name, age, native language and the languages you want to practice).
Your invitation will be valid if you receive a confirmation email with the details of the meeting. If you don´t receive any email in a couple of days, you should check your SPAM box.

It is necessary to get an invitation again for every meeting.


To know when the next meetings are, please go to Next Meetings page


Please for any information contact us at:

The experience that Will change your life