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How long  does someone take before becoming fluent in a language?

What I have discovered is that the “time” is a matter of 4 elements, and not only 3 (commitment, techniques and intelligence).

It's very important the PATH we follow to learn a language, and everyone has to discover his own path, but the closer you get to your perfect path the faster you'll learn (for this reason people always learn the “new” language faster than the previous one)

And of course the same is true for me too, I began to learn English after my university degree, after one year I started to learn Spanish (everyone can come to some conversation exchanges and check my level) and after 7 months I started French.

I studied French for all June 2012, and I have surprised myself because after one month I was able to communicate with people in French (this because of course I discovered a path that is good for me).

The problem is that I have studied French only for 1 month, so now it is at the same level of this summer, and for this reason I have decided to start a 90 DAYS CHALLENGE.

The goals are simple:

Long term: become totally fluent in 90 days

Short term: become able to speak about everything after the Christmas holiday (with of course some grammatical mistakes)

Do you have any target in the language you want to learn?






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The experience that Will change your life

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