The Deepest Secret to Learn a Language: How to Learn Anywhere at Any Time

The experience that Will change your life

Speak a language is a goal that millions of people have and to reach this goal they have to go through a path that will last years.

But is it really true? Do you really need years of sacrifice to learn a language?

Obviously the answer is NO.

If a person is really committed to his goal, he can learn a language in few months. Probably everyone knows at least one person who went to another country without knowing a single word and came back after few months with a good knowledge of the language.

Now this doesn’t mean that is enough to go abroad to learn a language (there are thousands of people who spend years abroad without learning how to say “hello”), and it doesn’t mean that to go abroad is the only way to do it.

All the people who reach a good level in a very fast way have something in common. As I’ve already said: they are really COMMITTED to the task.

Be truly committed is the only way that push a person to use the language all the time, and this is the big secret to learn a language: USE IT all the time.


And how can we use this information to improve our method of study? Well I’ll talk about being committed in another article, now I’ll explain to you how to use the language every time, doesn’t matter if you are in your own country or not, doesn’t matter if you have a partner to talk with, and of course it something that won’t cost you a penny.

Imagine, wouldn’t it be amazing to improve your language when you are waiting  for the bus in the morning, while you are eating the lunch, while you are walking, etc?

What you have to do is simply TO THINK, think in the language you are learning, change the voice inside of your mind and force it to speak in German / English / Spanish / etc to you. In this way you will train your brain to recall all the words you have learned so far, and this will stick them in your long term memory (that means that you will remember them forever).

The other advantage of thinking in a foreign language is that you are going to discover the word you need to complete the sentences that you want to say, and in this way you will learn only the words that you really would use.


Now if you really want to learn a language (and you are not one of those who tries some exercises for a couple of weeks and then give up), try to think as much as you can in the foreign language for 2 weeks, and then if you don’t see any improvement, you are free to post a comment criticizing this method (but I’m sure nobody will do this, simply because IT WORKS) 






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The experience that Will change your life

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