The Experience that Will change your life

The world is full of myths, and of course there are even in “learn a language”, I’ll try to destroy them one by one, so you can learn easier and faster.


Everyone have many friends who have suggest’em to watch movie with subtitles. So, now you can wondering: why everybody suggest to watch movie with subtitles if it useless?

The answer is very easy: BECAUSE IT EASIER, you must know something about people, they are lazy, so they prefer don’t make efforts at all, so they don’t consider that the good of watch a movie is begin to listen the real pronunciation, and guess what if you watch a movie with sub, you read but DO NOT LISTEN.

Now I’ve try more than once to watch a movie with subtitle, always with the best intention, I’ve always said inside of my mind, I won’t read them, I will only listen and I will read just for understand the words I do not know.

Perfect isn’t it? But every time, after 5 minutes (yes just 5 minutes) I found myself reading and not listening.

Now one of the proof of this, are your friends, ask them how many languages they speak (not how many they say they know, but how many they really are able to speak) and you will discover that the 80% of people who suggest how to learn a language actually don’t speak any, and in that 20%  the big majority have spend at least 5 years learning just 1 language. Now I’m not the best polyglot in the world, but I’ve learn 3 languages in less than 2 years, simply using some tips and tricks and learning some amazing techniques, and one of my goal is send you everything I know about them.

Now I know some of you is thinking, well but I can’t watch a movie without sub my level is too low, well here there are some suggestion (I’ve tried and I’m still using everything I’m going to say)

-        watch something easier (cartoon often have not slang and a very easy vocabulary)

-        watch something you’ve already watched

-        watch sitcom (or everything shorter than a movie)

-        watch a movie without subtitles, and then watch it again with subtitle (try to note every words you don’t know)

Remember no pain no gain, you can still watch movie with subtitles, but now you can not complain if you don’t learn.






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The Experience that Will change your life

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