The experience that Will change your life

A lot of person have told to me that  they really love the conversation exchanges, but sometimes they don't know what to say to the other person and this give them an unconfortable sensation.

For this reason today I want to talk to you about some topics you can use in every CE:


- Name: I know it can sounds obvious, but present yourself in a decent way and you'll start the CE in the better way possible;


- Language: even if the first time you sit in front of this person, you know something about him/her, he/she's learning a language, so: why are you studying this language? how long do you...? how do you...? how often you go to a CE?;


- City: if you are a foreigner, ask something about the city (museum, church, concerts, park, pub, etc), ask about the life in the city, about the culture, etc.

              if you are from London ask about their culture, about their country, why are they move to London, where do they live, how people spend time there,;


-Traveling: this is a little trick, because (believe it or not) everyone love to travel, even the persons who don't have time, dream about some travel, so some question can be: do you like to travel? where have you been? where would you like to go? which place is your favorite? etc;


-Music: come on, we are in London you can find any type of concert every night of the week, ask about the passion of the others and talk about what kind of music would you like, you'll find a lot of people with whom you can go to a concert and begin a friendship much more longer than a 3 hours CE;


-Idioms: nobody can say that he can speaks a language if he doesn't know idioms, thery are so important. But you can't find them on the books, for learn them you've to speak with a native... o my god, this is the perfect opportunity to learn some idioms, isn't it?


-gossip (for girls) footbal (for men): oh come on, have i to explain this too?




Rember the MOST IMPORTANT PART is not what do you ask, but interest. if someone come to me and ask me something about my passions, but when i answer he look away, is bored, he don't show interest, I won't enjoy the conversation and all the persons are like me, so SHOW INTEREST, don't ask question you don't care about, ask question for know the answer.







Enjoy the evening and show a SMILE, everything become better when the person in front of you SMILE





thanks for reading

The experience that Will change your life

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