London Conversation Exchange

The experience that Will change your life

London conversation exchange is a NEW dynamic and smart reality, because we are mixing all the positive aspects of every  group of conversation exchange we've tried all over the world.


We strongly believe that learning a language simply by taking a course is almost impossible, and we also believe that the best way to learn a language is to USE IT.
Unfortunately not everyone has the opportunity to travel, so not everyone can learn in THIS WAY.

But now YOU CAN actually USE ALL the languages you want to master, because in a conversation exchange you can find people from every country and you can learn, not only the language, but even the culture, and why not, you can even make some new friends.

We don't want to make money, so there is no cost, subscription, or bollocks like that, everyone with an invitation can come and try all the conversation exchange that he/she wants.
The only thing we ask is just 1 pound to cover our costs.





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The experience that Will change your life

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